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The purpose of Mason Consolidate School District's Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those alumni, employees, and major contributors that have distinguished themselves for their contributions in scholarships, athletics, activities, career, community service or society as a whole. The permanent honor of being inducted into the Mason Consolidated District's Hall of Fame will only be bestowed on those individuals whose actions exemplify the District's vision and mission statments and are capable of serving as role models for current Erie Mason students.
Mason Consolidated School District's Hall of Fame shall be governed by a Hall of Fame Organizational committee in cooperation with the Mason Consolidated Board of Education and Administration. This committee shall be comprised of a minimum of eleven (11) individuals - a quorum to conduct business is seven (7) members present. The Hall of Fame Organizational Committee will select a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and historian annually and will use the past-president for advice. the Hall of Fame Organizational Committee shall form sub-committees as needed (e.g. Awards Committee, Selection Committee, Program Committee, Fundraising Committee etc.).
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